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Fish leather product

Fish leather produced by Shadi Leather Company is unique and it takes a special place in the leather industry around the world. It has been developed by Mr. Ahmed Shadiev, an experienced leather technologist who in 2004 became interested in the idea of producing fish leather in industrial volumes.

Our story

Our story

From the very first steps of dressing, the skin turned out to be soft, strong and beautiful, but it took a lot of energy, water and time to make it, that significantly increased the cost of the leather.

It took ten years of experiments aimed at reducing costs and improving the quality to create the first in the world “Industrial technology for the manufacture of fish leather”. We have been producing fish leather for over 16 years. We are proud of producing the best leather that means making and connecting many little things in a right way.

EST. 2011



To ensure the high quality of finished products, we purchase high-quality raw materials from fishing farms around the world; we use biodegradable and eco-friendly materials, natural dyes and tanning agents.

Our formulas strive for perfection, and we are one of the few tanneries in the world that combines all the stages of production, from raw materials to finished leather, into a production chain.

High quality of the leather produced by our company has been confirmed by tests in the laboratories of Italy (ARGO GROUP) and America “Leather Research Laboratory”.

Shadi Leather offers its customers a combination of high quality, efficiency and innovation.

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