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Why develop industrial-scale fish leather technologies?

It is no surprise that the demand for fish continues to grow around the world, and it calls for responsible approaches. The last century has seen a rapid development of fish farms and fish processing systems, but the amount of waste the industry produces is still not utilized at its full potential.

Now that we have better equipment, mechanical fish skin removal, and a wide range of eco-friendly leather tanning materials, fish leather manufacture doesn’t have to be limited to small-scale artisan production.

Production technologies are the only thing that is needed to turn fish processing industry waste into a beautiful, high-quality, and economically profitable product. Depending on those techniques and technologies, fish leather can be used in a great variety of ways.
There are dozens of techniques even for one fish leather type, based on the qualities you need your final product to have.

SHADI develops fish leather manufacturing technologies that are aimed at reducing the production cycle, as well as minimizing energy and water consumption. Those technologies could be implemented for large-scale production and comply with all sustainability guidelines.

The world where fish leather is an independent direction inside and outside the traditional leather industry, is the world with smarter recycling, employment opportunities, revolutionary materials, and a more sustainable living.

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