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Salmon leather samples are pre-cut pieces for very small crafts projects: accessories, jewelry, scrapbooking, fabric sewing, card making, needlework, art decor, DIY, etc.
They could also be a great way to see what salmon leather looks like and feels like before placing an order for a full-sized salmon skin.

You can either buy the pieces you like, or choose to get the whole set in one click – 67 pieces in 67 different colors.

The scraps might slightly differ due to the raw product variety, yet each and every piece is made with the highest quality of fish leather.

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Salmon leather samples

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Made by hand in Portugal
Color: Green
Average Length: 550 mm
Average Width: 100 mm
Thickness range: 0.4 mm
Average size (dm2): 5.5 dm2
Salmon leather is a sustainable alternative to traditional leather, made from the skin of salmon, a byproduct of the fish farming industry for human consumption. It is durable, strong, water-resistant and can be used in a variety of products such as shoes, bags and wallets.

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