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Why develop industrial-scale fish leather technologies?

It is no surprise that the demand for fish continues to grow around the world, and it calls for responsible approaches. The last century has seen a rapid development of fish farms and fish processing systems, but the amount of waste the industry produces is still not utilized at its full potential. Now that we […]

Fish leather and where it is used

Although it is deemed exotic (and rightfully so), the use of high-quality fish leather is not limited to fashion shows and creative exhibitions. Depending on the leather type and its desired application, it can be implemented in many ways and projects. First off, we have traditional leather goods, such as bags, wallets, card holders, belts, […]

Understanding sturgeon leather tempers and thickness

One of the first things to consider when choosing a perfect hide for your leather project is how pliable it is. Here at SHADI we offer sturgeon in the following tempers: For instance, thick and stiff leather is more suitable for interior design purposes, medium-hard leather will be the best option for shoes, and semi-soft […]

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